ROSES CULTIVATION transcript from Sharpes City Gardener


Growing Roses in the Ground

Note: The following instructions don’t apply to NEWLY plated roses in reference to FERTILISING.

FERTILISING should be done after pruning in JULY and FEBRUARY AND each month.  A strong rose resists disease! A monthly feed is different than that which is done after pruning.

WHAT TO USE EACH MONTH: Simply whichever fertiliser you are using in the garden-roses love variety and they are HUNGRY.  For example if you were adding blood and bone to veggies or natives-give a handful to each rose.  After HEAVY rains, make the monthly feed a handful of DOLOMITE as this will sweeten the soil.

Part of the feeding process should be an application of SULPHATE OF POTASH when roses are flushing-this improves flower quality.  Sharpe’s strongly recommend the use of this to also increase flower production.

PELLETTED FERTILISERS such as SUDDEN IMPACT should also be applied as part of the monthly feeding process.

WHAT DOES ALL THIS FEEDING DO APART FROM GROWTH AND BLOOMS-your plant will become stronger and more disease resistant to the dreaded BLACK SPOT.

Potted Roses

POTTED ROSES should only be fertilised with a slow release product such as SUDDEN IMPACT and given a fortnightly drink of SEARLES FLOURISH.

Pest and Diseases

Bud worm-this pest curls up inside new buds eating its way out. Carbaryl should be at ten days intervals until eradicated.

Scale on stems should be sprayed with Antiscale.



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