Hunted and Not Gathered

Yet another cold and miserable May Saturday we finally satisfied our curiosity and went to the Hunter and Gather Markets.

It lived up to every expectation that had been created: The epitome of the Hipster and their cult of consumerism.

Handcrafted products displayed in readiness for Instagram immortality.

Fairy Floss replaced by delicately piped meringues.

Hand forged doughnuts.

Succulents encased in recycled timber and daisies tied in string.

Brown paper packaging crudely branded as a sign of organic authenticity.

Sustainability seeming undermined by the penchant for barista brewed coffee topped with plastic lids

Artisanal sourdough bread.

Design unconstrained by boundaries.

Beautiful people with their clean lines basking in the glow of youth.  Burning, Gold, White. We are not of their ilk.

We are not their cult.


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