How does your garden grow

Planted today:

LavanDuet: Strawberries and Cream (Lavandula pedunculata ‘Senwhi’ & ‘Senros’)

Lavender Blooms: Bella Rose (Lavandula hybrid)

Garden Jewels: Gaura:Ballerina (Gaura lindheimeri)

Floriana Natural Beauty: Pansy Turkish Delight x 1

Floriana Natural Beauty: Pansy Pink Fizz (Viola wittrockian F1) x 3

Floriana Gourmet Gardener Strawberry Pink (Fragaria x anansaa) x2

Strawberry x 2

Mr Fothergill’s Daffodil Mixed (8 bulbs)

Mr Forthergills’s Daffodil Erlicheer (3 bulbs)

Country Value Alyssum Snow Cloth (1250 seeds)

Country Value Alyssum Pastel Carpet Mixed (750 seeds)


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