Day of the Doctor


It literally was the day of the doctor kicking off at 6.50 am. Was it worth the wait? Mmm.



Random thoughts:

  • Quote of the day belong to Kate Stewart: ‘Think about it: Americans, with the ability to rewrite history. You’ve seen their movies.’
  • First appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Thirteen Doctor (as if that was not unexpected being the 50th anniversary)
  • Galifrey Falls No More. Of course, Galifrey would not be destroyed but ‘lost’. Again no surprises. Will Ramona be back?
  • Tom Baker. We now know why they casted such a young doctor with the expectation Matt Smith will be doing a similar cameo for the centennial show (at least 75th )
  • Bad Wolf. That was different. Perhaps the reboot isn’t about the doctor but Rose.
  • Yes, we got the reference to Ian Chesterton at the beginning
  • Actress playing Elizabeth I was not charismatic enough to successfully pull off the role
  • The scarf was narf. Will we see more of Osgood? The next companion?

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