Election 2013: Day Twenty Two-Twenty Eight

Fiona Katauskas’ cartoon pretty well sums up this past week’s highlights( or should that be lowlights) of the past week.

The Labor Party’s cut, cut, cut strategy backfired spectacularly when it passed policy costings off as the actual Opposition Party’s rather than policy options supplied by the ALP.

Kevin Rudd continued to make promises on the run with the effective date beyond budget forecasting:

  • The Very Fast Train from Melbourne to Brisbane by 2058. This train has been promised since 1984.

  • Moving the Navy Base from Garden Island to Queensland despite recommendations contained within the Defence White Paper ruling it out earlier this year. (And not telling the NSW premier (don’t worry Barry, Rudd snubbed Kristina Keanelly as well))

Kevin Rudd resorted to character assassination by stating that Abbott is too “intemperate” to handle foreign affairs. Umm, Tony wasn’t the one to call the Chinese ratf**kers.

Kevin bitched that the Liberal Party was outspending him 10 to one. Fairfax declared it a lie with the adverting spend even. Can’t say the ALP adverting has been effective as no-one in a straw poll at work could name the local ALP candidates.

ALP officially launched it campaign today with the noticeable absence of Julia Gillard.

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