Election 2013: Day Eighteen/Nineteen/Twenty/Twenty-One

Okay quick recap of the past four days:

  • Second debate was a public relations disaster for the ALP.  Abbott managed to get his obviously rehearsed  “Does this guy ever shut-up?” line in and Kevin Rudd was rude (once again) to a lowly female worker.  In itself , not a big issue but it feeds into the narrative that Rudd is a misogynist and a bully. Hint:  It doesn’t hurt to say hello to a person.
  • Latest polling was not favourable to the ALP. Keating was further behind in the 1993 election but the crucial state of QLD is looking dire.  Predictions abound that Rudd will lose his seat.
  • Liberal Party official launches its electoral campaign
  • Latest scare campaign from the Labor Party naturally centres upon the PPL.  Obviously the result of a panicked brain storming session, the ALP have twigged that a reduction in the company tax rate (and introduction of the PPL levy) will result in  a reduction of franking credits.  Group most affected by this-retirees.  Um, any reduction in the company rate will reduce franking credits even the mad 20% tax rate for NT thought bubble.  Does this mean that the ALP is committed to a 30% company tax rate in perpetuity?
  • Rudd films an episode of Kitchen Cabinet.  Bit harsh to describe it as a cooking show but Rudd was a bit evasive about it particularly after grandstanding about Syria. His response to defuse the situation by inviting the cameras in to ‘film’ the security briefing was awkward.
  • NLA has placed a call out for election campaign material.NLA are searching for?
    • Any published leaflets, letters, ‘how to vote’ cards, posters, pamphlets, badges, stickers, hats, cardboard cutouts, DVDs and any other political material. The more unusual the item the better.
    • We are particularly interested in receiving material from marginal  electorates, from communities with specific local issues as well as from  regional and remote Australia.
    • Any material that arrives through your mailbox or is handed to you in person from candidates/parties, political lobby groups and especially from unofficial sources with a political agenda.
    • The Library’s PANDORA service also archives election-based websites – those hosted by registered parties, lobby groups and also politically focused blogs. Please send any suggested sites for archiving to the Web Archiving team.

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