Day Fifteen/Sixteen/Seventeen: Election 2013

Cut, Cut, Cut. That’s the message from Labor’s focus groups and it’s the message that the ALP wishes to disseminate far and wide. Remember when Rudd said that political advertising was a ‘cancerous scourge?’ In this campaign, we have seen the Government break with Caretaker convention of suspending Government advertising by continuing the refugee ads to the ‘He wins, you lose’ campaign which is reminiscent of the 1980s Grim Reaper Ads. This is apparently what accountability looks like.

An incumbent government comparing the Opposition leader to the Grim Reaper is not a good look.

What has been sadly missing in this campaign is a coherent narrative for the nation. What we are seeing are piecemeal announcements reminiscent of a state campaign. Funding for a hospital, football ground etc. Both sides are capitalising on the populace’s ignorance of what tier of government is responsible for what.

Let’s review what the ALP said on the husking in Queensland: “I believe in the power of the Australian people!” Rudd cried. “I believe in the power of the Queensland people! Tanya Plibersek’s contribution was
Don’t let Tony Abbott do to Australia what Campbell Newman did to Queensland,” inferring that Abbott would close schools across Australia. Let’s ignore that secondary education is the responsibility of the State.

Moir’s cartoon pretty well sums up the lacklustre campaign. Where is the policy on Defence? Where is the policy on Research and Development? Where is the policy for Foreign Investment? Where is the policy for Primary Industry? Where?

Now let us return to Kevin’s stump. Brisbane the capital of the World????Ummm, is Rudd and his advisers not aware how this plays out across the rest of the country?

We do love that the Labor Party has announced that it will launch its’ campaign one week before the election? Gotta love the travel allowance each major party racks up during this time.

In the seat of Charlton, the Liberal Party lost its endorsed candidate Kevin Baker after the Telegraph revealed that he moderated a site with inappropriate content. This is considered a very safe Labor seat (so no game changer) and it would not be the first time the Liberal Party has failed to field a candidate in a Hunter Region seat. Both parties have treated the electorate of Charlton appallingly. The ALP when it dumped the local sitting member Kelly Horne in favour of Victorian Greg Combet (who always looked uncomfortable and embarrassed being seen with locals) and now this.

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