Day Five: Election 2013

Who is a happy little Vegemite? Not Kevin Rudd apparently, with his dire prediction that not only will GST be levied on food but at the rate of 12.5%. To the hipster Labor policy advisers: You can’t have a ‘root and branch’ review of the tax system which excludes the GST. Expect to see the Vegemite Jar appear a few more times throughout the election.

Five days in and for all the rhetoric about ‘a new way’ the ALP position can be summarised thus:549506_10151796154071789_1836378638_n

Hardly a promising start when the only ‘policy’ formulated is Vote for us so Tony Abbott doesn’t become PM.

The same graphic conveniently segues into the use of social media this election. Rudd posted on the FB: “Why won’t Tony Abbott accept a debate with me and the 11 million Australians on Facebook participating? KRudd.” Why is Rudd so enthused about social media? The excellent data mining opportunities it presents for information to harvested and analysed. It will enable targeted marketing of individuals more likely to donate, volunteer and engage in off-line activities conducive to securing the undecided vote. (Also, keeping in line of the Murdoch conspiracy charges, winners of campaign debates are no longer decided by the newspaper commentators but by social media users which Labor dominates.)

Again we see the importance of Queensland in this election with Tony Abbott visiting Ekka. Expect to see the children rolled out more as the campaign progresses.

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