Day Three: Election 2013

Meet Labor’s star recruit, 5 year old Joseph Kim who photo-bombed Kevin Rudd earlier today. Surely, a talent agent has signed him up by now.

Photo: Andrew Meares


Day three marked the most expensive election promise to date, the Coalition’s intention to cut the company tax rate from 30% to 28.5%. Estimated to cost $5billion concerns have been raised on how the cut is to be funded or in the words of Annabel Crabb This is political chaos theory. A butterfly flaps its wings in a moment of polling difficulty, and 12 years later you wake up and find it’s costing you two-thirds of a disability insurance scheme’.

With it rose the spectre of a GST increase. The Government accused the Opposition of planning to lift the rate while Rudd reiterating that there will be no increase in the GST ‘under a Government that I lead.’ From its introduction in 2000, discretionary spending has increased on items currently exempt from GST such as health and education. So while promises abound there will be no changes to the GST impost on food neither party has ruled out health and education retaining its GST free status into the future.

Oh and in other news apparently a Turnbull staffer told a blogger “Given what you write is a delusional fantasy that exists only in your own mind, you can get fucked.”

And Kevin being Kevin has avoided Lindsay after David Bradbury’s performance on radio yesterday.

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