Day Four: Election 2013

.What did we learn today:

  1. Kevin Rudd is trying to liken himself to Gough Whitlam (hard done by the Murdoch Press).
  2. Kevin Rudd explains his three word slogan ‘A New Way’ in a terse interview with Leigh Sales the previous night

    LEIGH SALES: When you announced the election, you unveiled Labor’s slogan “A New Way”. You’ve been in government for six years. The public has had six years of your way. Why would voters accept that now you’re gonna have three years of a new way? They’ve had your way.

    KEVIN RUDD: Well, can I put it to you in these terms: I’ve just, in our discussion on the economy, put to you pretty clearly what I see to be the new set of economic challenges we face.

    LEIGH SALES: But it’s the same people dealing with it.

    KEVIN RUDD: Hang on – the new set of economic challenges which we face, which requires a new set of policy approaches to deal with them.

    LEIGH SALES: But it’s the same …

    KEVIN RUDD: This is a decade long boom, this is a decade long boom which is coming to an end and it would be irresponsible of me to say to all people watching your program that therefore we should simply continue policy as it’s been given the changing circumstances.

    LEIGH SALES: But Prime Minister, it’s the same party, it’s the same MPs …

    KEVIN RUDD: A new way to deal with the economy …

    LEIGH SALES: It’s the same party, it’s the same MPs in the Parliament, it is the same donors who fund your party, it’s the same unions who back you. It’s not a new way.


    Photo: Andrew Meares

  3. The Labor Party shows once again that the rank and file do not count with Kevin Rudd replacing the locally pre-selected Des Hardman for the seat of Forbes with former Premier Peter Beattie. (The Labor Party :not for the working people but former Premiers) This celebrity candidacy supports the proposition that if Labor is to retain Government it will do so on the back of parochial Queensland (The swing of 3.3% in Queensland will see it pick up six seats). Read Andrew Bolt’s scathing review here and the equally cynical Annabel Crabb’s opinion here.

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