Day Two:Election 2013

Day Two of the Election undoubtedly belongs to Jaymes Diaz, Liberal candidate for the marginal seat of Greenway and his inability to recite the six point Asylum Seeker Plan.  Dude, you’re migration lawyer.  You should have been able to recite it  in your sleep.

The Coalition were not the only party plagued by candidate issues.  Labor’s candidate for Dobell, Andrew Charlton pulled out of the race this afternoon.  Charlton, a wunderkind in Rudd 1.0’s office was expected to have promising political career.  Candidates pulling out is not new but candidates parachuted in at the expense of local members into a scandal ridden seat then withdrawing their candidacy is bound to rise eyebrows.

This highlights two problems:-1. ALP executive do not give a damn about rank and file members.  (Most extreme example of parachuting was placing the Victorian Greg Combet in the NSW seat of Charlton) 2. Rudd et al failed to ensure before tweeting the election date that the ALP had candidates in all the seats.  Scrambling to find candidates after the election is called is a bad look for an incumbent government.

On a much lighter note, who is doing the Masterchef review of the food the politicians consume on the election trial? We all know that the awkward beer drinking photo is coming up as well as the meat pie consumed at the football.  May we present the first  food photo of the campaign: Tony Abbott and his wife Margie having morning tea with a Dobell family-  Two gingerbread men, a pack of Tim Tams and a teacake.


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