Day Two: Tahune Airwalk

Day Two’s itinerary included viewing Hobart from Mt Nelson, visiting Geeveston and doing the Tahune Forest Airwalk.

Bicentennial Park from which Mt Nelson is accessed.

Looking towards The Station Café and Mt Nelson Signal Station.

It was a little incongruous been greeting by an open fire at Tahune(Aboriginal word for ‘peaceful place by running water’) in the middle of an Australian summer. The chill in the air made us wonder how miserably cold this place must be in the winter. After lunch, replete with filtered tannin water (yuk) we were escorted by Jason to the start of the airwalk.


Jason pointing out a Myrtle Tree.

Fallen Huon Pine.

Start of the Airwalk. The covered shelter is reminiscent of a boat’s haul


Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) with its fragrant leaves.


The wishing tree.


It’s a long way down!

This is where the heavens open and its starts to pour.

Some fun facts about the airwalk:

  • Opened 1st July 2001
  • Airwalk length is 619 metres
  • Average height is 20 metres, 37.5 metres above the forest floor at the end of the cantilever and 48 metres above the river
  • Built to withstand 180km/hr wind
  • Over 120 tonnes of steelwork and 9000 bolts and nuts used in the construction
  • Maximum weight on the cantilever is 10 tonnes or the equivalent of 120 crowded people or twelve baby elephants


The last stop was Geeveston and its wooden statues of local characters (by Bernie Tarr) that populate its streets. The above is Jessica Hannabury (1883-1981).

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