Stephanie Meyer: Twilight

The Twilight phenomenon must be waning as multiple copies now languish on the library shelves and others have found their final resting place gathering dust at the Salvos. For all the hype, we found the book underwhelming and for a ‘best-seller’ the pacing excruciating slow.

Where was the editor? Was the constant query as we waded through the first one hundred pages were Meyer’s use of the personal pronoun seemed to have no bounds. We could have delayed progress by trying to find the sentence where ‘I’ was most abused but this came pretty close, ‘If I was being honest with myself, I knew I was eager to get to school because I would see Edward Cullen.’ (p.46).

Clinches abound: our insipid heroine is unaware of her sexual attractiveness, the clumsiness, the absentee parents, any independent action places the heroine in danger of which only the hero can rescue from. Faux kidnapping of parent, seriously?

Perhaps what is most disappointing is how Meyer reimagines the vampire myth. It is de rigour for the morally aware vampires to abstain from the consumption of human blood and if they do imbue it is in the guise of vigilante. As an added bonus there is even a vampire who works as a doctor.

Many words have been devoted to Edward’s stalking but the real crime of the book is the lack of frisson between the two protagonists. Their conversations are banal. There is no yearning, no bewilderment, no intensity only the thought of how did Meyer drag this out for another three books.

Perhaps we are too old for this book but it will have to be a rather slow long weekend before we attempt to finish the series.

(Year 2005: ISBN978-1-905654-41-3)

One thought on “Stephanie Meyer: Twilight

  1. Ugh…waste of time. The first book Bella is pining over Edward, the second book she’s in love with Jacob (is that Wolf boys name), and what happened in the third again?? Only really need the first and last book. Should have watched the movie…would have saved several hours of mindnumbing reading.

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