Here we go again

King James I was a deeply unpopular monarch and in what could be seen as one of the most cynical PR stunts of all time, his adviser Robert Cecil capitalised on the Catholic plot to blow up Parliament. Result: enact anti-Catholic legislation and increase leader’s popularity.

Of course in early 21st century Australia, nothing so dramatic would ever happen apart from a strategically uploaded clip to You Tube.

Opinion has it leaked from the Prime Minister’s Office. Given the Australia Day debacle, no media adviser could be that stupid.

More problematically for the Prime Minister, it gave Kevin Rudd the platform to appeal to the backbenchers without overtly campaigning for the leadership on Sky News:

‘These sort of edited off-takes we always assume are just destroyed at the time. Obviously these either seem to have found their way into some archival storage somewhere in the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) or into a government department.

The bottom line is, I think you do learn. And what I’ve tried to learn from all of that is, do less in a given working day rather than try to do everything. I think that’s an important principle for everybody. I think it’s also important to delegate more and be sort of happy and contented about that. And on top of that, most importantly, consult more broadly as well’

Bullshit. For a heavily edited clip, it is rather benign. Almost reminiscence of the spun ‘shit-storm‘ incident to appeal to the bogan demographic after the mild amusement the electorate held for Rudd’s Detailed Programmatic Specificity.

Being able to swear fluently a Prime Minister it does not make. Has this nation developed collective amnesia of why Kevin Rudd was replaced in the first place? Rudd’s leadership of the ALP was always dependent on Julia Gillard’s fractional support. From the moment Kim Beazley was toppled in December 2006 it was a given that Kevin Rudd’s tenure would be brief.

During his prime ministership, Rudd was shown to be vindictive and petty. High lights (or should that be low-lights) included:

The list could go on but you get the drift.

Rudd was not a creature of the fractions. With an alienated caucus, it was inevitable that a coup d’état would take place once the popular opinion turned against Rudd in spite of accusations of the NSW disease poisoning federal politics.

By the morning of the 24 June 2010, it was clear that Rudd did not have support of the caucus. Rather than letting the caucus vote, Rudd conceded robbing Gillard of any legitimacy. His concessional speech was wilfully disingenuous “I was elected by the Australian people as the prime minister … to bring back a fair go for all Australians,” he said.  Basic civic lesson, in Australia we vote for a local representative and the political party/coalition with the most representatives forms government.  The leader elected by the caucus.  So apart from the 92 500 odd souls in the seat of Griffith, Australia did not directly elect Kevin Rudd and certainly not as prime minister.

Summed up effectively by this Kudelka cartoon, Rudd has assiduously being campaigning for the Prime Ministership  since.


Starting with the suspected and highly damaging leaks during the election campaign we now know that Rudd has been canvassing the Independents (at least Wilkie) for support should he regain the role as prime minister. 

Of course Gillard has not helped matter back-flipping on the carbon tax and the never ending stream of seemingly inept media advisers i.e. Real Julia, Four Corners and the idiot who thought that inflaming tensions on Australia Day would be advantageous. Sadly, it seems that any hope that the minority government will serve a full term is now being held to ransom by the ALP ‘s mantra power at any cost.

The ALP leadership is now a poisoned chalice and will be until Kevin Rudd leaves parliament. The ALP would be ill-advised if they want to burn through another leadership potential so soon. Shorten, one of the faceless men and SIL of the Governor General, would be an unpalatable choice though he busy shoring up his legacy. Combet has no chance, though from Victoria holds Charlton a seat in regional NSW and regional people (however nominal) are always held to be suspect.

Only option now is to hold a leadership ballot since there appears to be no will by the powerbrokers to contain Rudd. It will weaken Gillard and will precipitate an early election. Note to ALP powerbrokers, regardless who the leader is, the government will lose the next election. Did you learn nothing from NSW???

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