Gallery of Modern Art

Having half an hour to kill the last time we were in Brisbane, we found ourselves at the Gallery of Modern Art wandering through the exhibition ’21st Century: Art in the First Decade’.

Depressing, that Modern Art is all about consumerism whether it be its by-product or its interaction.

Proudly sponsored by Amcor? Tobias Putrih’s monumental arch of cardboard boxes, Connection.

No visit to a cultural institution is complete without a pair of post-menopausal critics. Their educated dulcet tones dripping in passive-aggressive venom.

“I didn’t think cameras were permissive in the gallery,” opines the first. “Yes,” tuts the other in furious agreement. Not deaf, people. We are not talking the Old Masters here.















 Xu Zhen’s Shanghart Supermarket


Consumerism is so much more urbane in Chinese script.


Pascale Marthine Tayou’s Plastic bags 2001–08. Fantastic Plastic.

White Lego aka Olafur Eliasson’s The Cubic Structural Evolution Project with LEGO blocks generously donated by LEGO Australia Pty Ltd

Limited one wish per customer. Rivane Neuenschwander’s I Wish your Wish. Stripes of ribbons that were funny, poignant, sad and sometimes downright weird .My favourite: I wish I was a famous ballerina travelling the world.

Carsten Höller’s Left/Right slide 2010. Maybe next time.


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