Quick Bites


The Mancini Marriage Bargain (ISBN: 0 733 56410 0 Year: 2005)  was a fluid read.  Helene Grainger and Paolo Mancini married while uni students so Helene could escape an arranged marriage.  Twelve years later Paolo re-enters Helene’s life seeking a divorce.  Their one night of passion has consequences and after much hand wringing and angst they live happily ever after.

Most irritating aspects -the morally dubious actions of some characters is conveniently attributed to terrorists and the Guy Fawkes reference doesn’t convince us of Helene’s bona fides as a British national.

That said we probably would read another Trish Morey.


The same cannot be said for Michelle Reid. In The Greek’s Force Bride (ISBN 0 373 12788 X Year 2008) Leo Christakis impels Natasha Moyles to marry him convinced that she has conspired with his step-brother to embezzled from his company. This rationale is hardly credible.  Christakis is the typical misogynistic hero where all women are active participants in the world’s oldest profession.  Natasha is the usual woe is me victim. Bored!

Reid may wish to purchase a thesaurus as the repetitive use of slut, whore etc was rather tiresome.  Don’t waste your time with this one.

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